Saturday, August 27, 2011

Cara's collection - travel thimbles and much more (Cara, United States)

I started collecting thimbles when I was about 10 years old. I was young enough that I have a hard time remembering how old exactly but I have built a credible collection since that time.

My collection is composed mostly of travel thimbles, although I did recently inherit a thimble from my Grandmother. I also have a set of thimbles representing each President the United States has had (not pictured). But my true passion lies in travel and antique thimbles. My parents have brought about half of my collection to me from from their travels.


I have thimbles from South America, North America, Europe and Africa. My collection represents over 22 countries and about 33 of the 50 United States. When I began collecting I would pick up any thimble I saw.  As I have gotten older I have started to try and refine my choices to higher quality travel thimbles that either have an interesting design or are more than a porcelain thimble with a transfer on them. I have some thimbles from the 2002 Olympics, which form a favorite of mine. Some other favorites include a pewter stein from Germany,a silver thimble from Peru and a thimble from Greece that depicts scenes from the Odyssey.

I started a blog about a year ago intending to catalog my collection, I haven't gotten very far but I hope that will change soon!  I am glad to have found an online community of thimble collectors, particularly as I have never met another collector in real life!

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