About this blog

The idea

The idea of Thimbles of the World blog is to associate thimble collectors and enthusiasts from all over the world.
Everybody can be an author ot this blog. Generally, you can publish here two kinds of articles. The first group are posts about your experiences in collecting thimbles and the second one articles about people who create thimbles.

How to do that?
  1. Write the article in your mother tongue and - if it is possible - in English.
  2. Send the article to Thimbles of the World e-mail.
  3. Wait for your article publication at Thimbles of the World blog.

How does it work?

Thanks to this place people collecting thimbles can find each other and share their knowledge and experience. You can show your collection and - in reward for your participation in creating this blog - a link to your blog or site will be put in a proper section on the right side of Thimbles of the World blog. Moreover, you can find here collegues to exchange thimbles with them or you can advertise your own thimble creations.

What to write about?

      1.  About your collection, for example:

Introduce yourself: First aricle should be the one about your collection. Put here information like: who are you? where do you come from? how many thimbles do you have? for how long you have been collecting thimbles? etc.You can add photos of yourself and your thimbles.

Where to keep it?: Your ideas and solutions for owners of  larger collections who face the problem of lack of place for their thimbles and interesting propositions of shelves, boxes, show-cases, etc.

Exchange: You can also show your exchange propositions. Just attach photos, description, give some contact information and tell other collectors what are your exchange expentations.

      2.  About your thimble creations:

You can also advertise yourself at Thimbles of the World blog. Write few words about your technique of making and/or decorating thimbles. Inform where readers can find your works. Put some photos and details that could be useful for your clients.

Create Thimbles of the World with us!

If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate and contact us! The blog is open for everyone to advertise yourself and your collections. So, if you have a thimble collection (it does not matter if it is 5 or 5000 specimens), if you have a passion and would like to share it, join us! Create Thimbles of the World! This blog is yours!

Keep on thimblin'
Thimbles of the World

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