Friday, June 04, 2010

Exchange (Agnieszka, Poland)

In Thimbles of the World you can also show your exchange propositions, give some information about your exchange preferences and links to photos/descriptions of your thimbles.

So, let me start the exchange topic!

You can see my current propositions in the checker below:

I am the most interested in thimbles:
- hand-painted,
- made of original materials,
- porcelain with signatures,
- from countries that I do not already have in my collection.

I am not interested in thimbles:
- with flagues, cities or countries,
- ceramics or porcelain with transfers produced in larger quantities.

You can always check currently offered thimbles (pictures and descriptions) at My Thimble Collection blog and remind my exchange preferences via the Exchange section. If you would like to exchange send your propositions.

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