Monday, April 26, 2010

My Thimble Collection (Agnieszka, Poland)

My name is Agnieszka and I come from Poland. I am the founder of this blog and the digitabulist since 2004 and since that time I have been also looking for a place where collectors from all over the world can interchange their experiences conected with thimble collecting, place where they would share their knowledge, disscuss and make thimble exchange with each other. So, wecome to Thimbles of the World and let me start with a post about my collection.

My first thimble was a gift from my father. It was almost five years ago. He brought me from his Hungarian trip a little, porcelain gem made by Hollohaza manufacture. For a long time it was only a single gadget standing on my shelf. At that time I did not have an idea that there are some larger collections of such useless objects. Because, obviously, a thimble made of porcelain or glass cannot be used according to thimble's proper function.

Later, it turned out that besides typical, metal or plastic creations helpful in sewing or embroidery, amazing masterpieces exist; including wooden, glass, stone, ceramic, hand-painted, kilned, decorated with golden pigments thimbles and also those completely unlike classic thimbles - fugurines...

Currently, I have 937 thimbles in my collection. They come from four continents and over thirty countries. Please, visit my blog dedicated to thimbles. You will find there information about my collection, about concrete thimbles, manufactures and signatures. Surely, many plots are conected with porcelain, because of the fact that a majority of thimbles in my collection is made of porcelain.

Now, it is your turn! Join Thimbles of the World and help us create the best thimble collectors' web site!

My Thimble Collection


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