Friday, May 21, 2010

Dedales de Marga (Margarita, Spain)


My name is Marga, I am from Barcelona-Spain and I began to collect thimbles in 1998. It was by chance, I bought a Princess Elisabeth "Sissi" thimble in the beautiful city of Vienna. I habe been collecting thimbles since then.

I like all kind of thimbles, made of different materials. I am used to buy some thimbles when I go abroad and my friends are used to buy thimbles for me too.

Nowadays. I buy thimbles from well know porcelain patterns, for instance: Caverswall, Linder, Mayfair and so on.

You can see my thimbles collection
at Dedales de Marga and contact me via Facebook.

You are welcome to take a look.

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